Summer is here to enjoy holidays wherever we go: The beach, the mountain, exotic travel or the village of grandparents, any place is good to disconnect from the professional routine and disconnect from routines.

Summer is the time to enjoy, rest and forget about problems, and it’s good to have some home remedies for the typical summer problems, which can spoil your well-deserved vacation.

1. How can I make a homemade anti-mosquito? Most of the aromatic plants alekenquito-1n to mosquitoes, you can put in the garden or in the windows plants of savory, thyme, pennyroyal, basil, thyme, lemon balm, etc. You can also make a spray repellent by adding 100 ml of water a few drops of mint essence, tea tree and lemon to a sprayer with water and spray on clothes and body, on lamps and light bulbs and in rooms before about sleeping.

2. How do I calm the mosquito bite? Put an ice cube in the bite so that the swelling goes down and the itch calms down. Have fresh aloe vera gel on hand to soothe itching and inflammation. You can also put a few drops of lavender essence, mint leaves or fresh melissa crushed on the bite, even clay soaked.

3. What do I do if a wasp or a bee stings me? Remove the sting, clean the area and put a slice of raw potato or clean clay on the area. If swelling continues or you feel drowsiness or dizziness, you should see the doctor to rule out allergic reactions.

4. How are blisters avoided by rubbing? Spread the inside of the new shoes inside the skin of the banana. Although it will be more convenient to apply a thick layer of Vaseline on clothes, shoes, sports bra, ribbons, etc. that you are going to take to do sport. And do not release anything if you’re going to compete with humidity and heat.

5. Can I make a homemade sunscreen? With the sun is not played, it is better to use protective creams indicated for your skin. But if you do not have any at hand, natural oils such as olive, avocado, coconut, sesame, etc. they act as a small protective film that would be equivalent to a factor 6. And beeswax and shea butter, cocoa, mango, etc., are more dense and create a protective film that can equal a factor of 10. It is not Do not trust yourself and protect yourself from the sun in the shade and with clothes, glasses and a hat if you do not have anything else at hand.

6. How can I relieve minor burns? Take a shower with cold water and apply almond or olive oil with a few drops of lavender essence on wet skin. Have an aloe vera plant handy because its fresh juice is a good painkiller and helps regenerate burned skin, keeping the area fresh. You can also apply a milkshake of natural milk yoghurt with fresh cucumber on the washed skin. And the most important thing is that you go to the doctor if the burn is serious, do not take the sun until the small burns recover and you learn the lesson so that it does not happen again.

7. How do I protect the wounds and scars of the sun? If it is new, cover it completely with special dressings because the direct sun slows down the recovery and will cause marks. If it is already cured, cover the area with tape, special bandaids, American tape, whatever you have on hand, you can even make a plaster with mud from a clean river to hide it from the sun.

8. What is the best remedy for shoelaces? If you are going to do a new exercise, you should warm up well before you start and stretch when you finish. If still the effort has been intense and / or prolonged, take a few slices of fresh ginger every 3 hours for its anti-inflammatory effect. Watermelon is also a fruit that rehydrates and helps you eliminate stiffness. Although the best way to eliminate stiffness is the hardest: vdeshidratacionolver to repeat the same exercise that produced without force, although it hurts a little. This heats the muscles and stimulates the repair mechanisms of damaged muscle fibers.

9. How to prevent dehydration? If you have no choice but to sweat in the summer sun, wrap yourself in light colored loose clothes and put on glasses and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. Apart from drinking water, you can try to drink a lemonade with 1 liter of water juice of 2 lemons, half sliced ​​cucumber, a pinch of salt and mint leaves.

10. What can be done to avoid dizziness in car, plane or boat? You can try ginger tea. Just chop some slices of fresh ginger root and add it to a ginger glass of boiling water, lay for 10 minutes, add a few slices of lemon and a cinnamon bark and drink it before starting the trip. You can also take the root of fresh ginger by hand to go smelling it occasionally during the trip. Try talking to your fellow travelers, do not read or make sudden turns of the head and go to sleep whenever you can. If nausea has already appeared, try to make pressure in the gap between the two tendons on the inside of the wrist, with the middle finger and index finger.

11. What is the best remedy to avoid being stung by jellyfish? What if they have already bitten you? There are anti-jellyfish sprays that you can apply before swimming in the sea, but it is best to avoid them and swim carefully to surround them and not touch them. If you notice that you have been bitten, get out of the water immediately, wash the area well with salt water, never with fresh water and apply ice in a bag to go to the rescue house where they know what type of jellyfish is in the area , and how they should treat the bite. Some species are washed with acetic acid (vinegar), others with diluted bicarbonate, others with ammonia, etc.

12. What to do when faced with dehydration? If you notice headache, dizziness, nausea, etc. You are already dehydrated. You should go to a cool and shaded area, stop exercising, put a cloth soaked with fresh water on your head, take a bath, and especially drink small sips of water with mineral salts during the following hours. If the body temperature is high or knowledge is lost, or if the symptoms persist, it is necessary to go to medical emergencies.

13. A relief for irritated eyes after swimming? Wash the eyes with a few drops of water boiled with already cold salt. And if you can lie down for a few minutes, you can also place on the closed eyelids some cotton soaked in chamomile, it will relieve the itching and reduce inflammation. If the inflammation and pain persists, go to the doctor to rule out a foreign object or that you have suffered a sunburn. Irritated eyes

14. What can I do to calm indigestion? If the indigestion is caused by an excess of food and drink; The best thing is that you drink an infusion of chamomile with anises that will help you to expel the gases and calm the pain and favor digestion. You can also try to take a teaspoon of baking soda diluted in lemon water and stop eating until it passes. If the discomfort persists, you have to go to the doctor.

15. What can I take in case of diarrhea? If it is for a food infection, you should go to the doctor to identify it and can decide what to take and avoid complications. And apart you can help eliminate the infection by drinking lemon juice that is antiseptic, fresh pineapple that is anti-inflammatory and infusions of sage and thyme with lemon and probiotic products if there are no contraindications. If the diarrhea is very intense or persists for more than 2-3 days, it is necessary to go to the doctor.

16. What do I do with constipation? There are people to whom the changes affect them a lot at the time of going to the bathroom and they stop going. If it is your case, you should know that going to the bathroom every day is a matter of habits, regardless of where you are, the body has its hours and you have to respect them on vacation. If the clock still stops, it increases the consumption of fiber, natural yogurts, raw vegetables and seasonal fruits, play sports on an empty stomach, drink plenty of fluids. And fasting take a spoonful of olive oil, or a glass of hot water, or a lemon juice. You can also take between hours a handful of natural nuts without toasting or salt and a couple of ounces of dark chocolate fasting are dense foods rich in fiber that increase the urge to go to the bathroom.

17. How to relieve hangovers? Avoid alcohol always, but if it is done, do not drink alcohol again in the morning, it will dehydrate you more. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and natural juices rich in vitamin C such as lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc. And increase the dose of B vitamins you can find in brewer’s yeast, egg yolk, wheat germ, etc. And as soon as you feel a little better, try to play sports to eliminate toxins by sweating as soon as possible.

18. How are summer flu treated? Well, they are more common every year because of the temperature changes we experience due to the contrast between the cold air of the air conditioning and the high temperatures of the outside. They can also be because your defenses are lower due to sleeping less or eating worse in summer. If you take a flu, you have to take care of yourself like in winter, the problem is that in summer it is very difficult to get into bed to take calditos, but it is enough to rest more and you hydrate with juices and fresh soups to help your body to overcome the infection, if you do not, you will drag the flu all summer and weaken your body facing the arrival of the cold.

19. How to cure an otitis? Ear infections are more frequent when swimming in the sea or in the pool. It is always better to prevent them by wearing earplugs or applying a few drops of liquid to eliminate the water that remains in the ear, but if you already notice pain, go to the doctor as soon as possible. Otitis is difficult to treat and may require antibiotics. And meanwhile, calm the pain by applying dry heat over the ear or massaging the area with a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil.

20. What can be done against fungi and athlete’s foot? It is common to suffer this type of fungal infections when stepping on contaminated wet floors such as swimming pools, although in summer the heat protects us from infection because the sun evaporates wet areas and flip flops and open shoes allow the feet to breathe and not reproduce so easily. But if you do not trust yourself, try applying olive oil to your feet with a few drops of tea tree essence, insisting on the area between your fingers. You can also apply an open clove of garlic and lemon juice.

I hope your summer is perfect and you do not have to resort to any of these remedies.